I feel so loved

I feel really loved

This is the most loved i have ever felt. 

I’ve had bigger

More expensive birthdays

In the past

I’ve had even more

people call 

And remember to say those 

Two words

From all over

But this year

I got calls from 

The people who matter

From the people

Who really get me

I even got early calls

Because they just couldn't 

Wait til the day of

They wanted to be 


I feel really loved today

My restaurant coupons came through

And the Ikea one did too

I feel really loved today

One sister sowed into my

Next season

And one sister brought

my favorite cake

From my favorite place

Man, i feel really loved today

My best friend 

Did all the things

She even lit fire 

Under the people 

I carry on my wings (lol)

God painted the 

Night and the morning

In an astounding way

I think he's proud of me this day

I feel really, really loved today

I think its because i 

Finally also love my self 

Every fabric

And in every way

Happy Birthday to Me 


Meshell Sharon

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