What are Guided Conversations?

What are Guided Conversations?

I am not a medical doctor, nor a therapist or certified coach. What I am is a person that has experienced interesting things in my 39 years of life, and live to tell the stories.

For me, guided conversations are my way of helping people find their way to the answers, and self-healing journeys they need to travel down. They are questions and dialogues I have with a person that often lead to hidden answers, research-based homework, and/or committing to contact a health professional to get the further help they need. 

For example, I met up with a really awesome friend of mine a few days ago. She is so full of life and is excited to make "adult" decisions. I can't lie, some of the things she shared made one of my "spidey-senses" start going off. But I know, we all only get one life to lead, and I value people making the best decisions they can with the information they have. My job is to provide more information and perspectives so perhaps, their decisions can be made more thoughtfully. After she shared and I joined in her excitement, I gave her homework to get more information so the decisions she intends to make are well thought out and she feels confident in them.

That is a guided conversation. I am not here to change your mind. I am not here to judge your decisions. I just want to turn the 'cube of information' so you can see the sides that are pointing away from you. To help you see the entire picture. 

And hopefully, having the missing pieces of the picture, along with the pieces you already had, allow us to heal, and create that same 'ah-ha' moment for someone else. 



Meshell Sharon

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